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Owning My Own Horse

You Don't Have To Do It  Alone!

A few important considerations:

Choosing the best horse for my preferred disciplines

The right match for me and my family

The age, height, breed  & experience best for me

How to maintain hoof care, the best horse feed, worming & vaccinations.

What horse tack do I need?

Working safely on the ground & in the saddle.  

First Aid for horses 

The cost of the horse and the ongoing costs of horse care

How do I find help from experienced and reliable equestrians? 


Our Story

Kangaroo Valley Horses offers reliable and experienced help to get you started. With many years of experience caring for horses, breeding, starting, training and riding horses, the team of Coaches and assistants are available to help you find and start on the right journey with your horse.  Phone: 0402 902 072 or Email:

to discuss your individual support requirements and for enquiries about the next

"Owning My Own Horse Clinic."

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