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The Kangaroo Valley Horses property "Riverstone" is an ideal location for horses to live with abundant trails for the riders, qualified and experienced riding instructors and horse trainers on hand 24/7, beautiful scenery, permanent running creeks and grassy pastures!


Horses & their riders enjoy over 200 acres of beautiful farmland with no need to float out to ride!


Permanent fresh water creeks provide a constant supply of water. Natural shelter is available throughout the property. The riding agistment paddocks are spacious and in view of the homestead.


Horses on spelling agistment roam freely throughout plentiful farmland with a variety of grasses to graze. Full Care Horse Agistment is available for horse owners with limited time where experienced and caring instructors look after the entire needs of your horse on a daily basis. 


Facilities include: 

 Full size Dressage Arena, 20metre Round Yard, abundant horse    riding trails, long term float parking, abundant fresh water supply.  


Advantages of Agistment at Kangaroo Valley      


Riding Lessons in the full size Dressage Arena and out on the open trail are available on your own horse with qualified and experienced instructors accredited by Horse Safety Australia. 

Show Jumping, Sporting, Bare Back, Dressage, Working Equitation and Horse Training lessons are available on your own horse. 


Abundant riding trails throughout the property and beyond. Beautiful scenery including creek crossings and spectacular lookouts, open farmland and bush trails. Ride to the Shoalhaven River. Float to the beach for fantastic rides with Agisters and riding instructors!


Informative and exciting information is on hand for new & potential horse owners. Experienced instructors and horse trainers are available to help you with: Choosing the right horse for me and my family. Choosing the right horse for my preferred discipline.  The correct tack. What else do I need to buy? Feeding and caring for my horse. The farrier, the dentist, the vet. What are my expected costs each month/year? Safety procedures. Available support from other riders and instructors. 


Horse & Rider Training. Learn how to further the education of your horse and continue to cement a relationship of trust and respect. Horse & Rider Training classes are run by qualified riding instructors and experienced Natural Horsemanship educators. 


Meet up and ride with the Kangaroo Valley Horses agisters and riding instructors. Enjoy great trail rides, Night Rides & bonfires.  Social rides on your own horse are organized throughout the year by the Kangaroo Valley Horses riding instructors. You do not have to ride alone. 


Endurance riding! Why not Join other interested riders on these fantastic rides throughout the South Coast.  Available for the social 10km & 20km rider to the the keen 40km training rider and the qualified competitive 80km and 100km+ rider! 


Horse Agistment at Kangaroo Valley Horses. Available to the complete beginner right through to the experienced horse owner and rider. Enjoy great adventures, with abundant support, available to all horse agisters.  



SPELLING AGISTMENT for unridden or retired horses:

$65.00 per week

Horses on spelling agistment enjoy over 200 acres of farmland with natural shelter and abundant water . Horses spelling are horses enjoying retirement or, a complete rest from being ridden. Spelling horses are provided with regular good quality lucerne hay. Horse owners may need to cross creeks to visit their horses roaming on spelling agistment. 

RIDING AGISTMENT for horses ridden regularly

$95.00 per week

This option is ideal for riders wanting to spend time with their horses on a regular basis. Horses may either be in the riding paddocks or brought up to the riding paddocks on a regular basis.

All horses on Agistment are provided with good quality lucerne hay several times per week. We recommend you feed your horses on a daily basis while in the riding paddocks. 


$85.00 per week

This is a great option for horses to enjoy the freedom of roaming the large property in a natural environment throughout the week with your horse brought up to the riding paddocks when required one or two days per week. All horses on Agistment are provided with good quality lucerne hay several times per week. We recommend you feed your horses on a regular basis while in the riding paddocks. 


$150.00 per week 

Please Note: Good quality Lucerne Hay is provided for all Agistment horses several times per week throughout the year.  Horses on full care agistment are fed and rugged on a daily basis for you. Farrier, Dentist and Veterinary appointments are arranged for your horse, along with worming and vaccinations on request, by the Kangaroo Valley Horses agistment managers with the Farrier and other professionals services billed to your account. 

To be provided with a quote for the cost of hard feed please contact the phone number or email address below with your specific requirements: 


Phone: 0402 902 072



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